Sarkodie Feat. Efya – Whatever You Do…Lyrics

Sarkodie Feat. Efya – Whatever You Do…Lyrics : We got this Cool Lyrics titled “Whatever U Do” by Sarkodie and Songstress Efya. It’s Thursday and we want to share this Throwback banger with you. Whatever U Do is one of the featured songs on Sarkodie’s Sarkology Album. This might be new to you.


INTRO (Sarkodie N Efya)
Yerh, beb sup [hey whats up?]
you know i miss you right
[ Yerr i know] do you wanna come home right now
like i wanna see your face
i miss you soo much [You should just call Mama]
just need a huge from you and maybe a kiss ..herher..

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RAP VERSE 1 (Sarkodie)
Alright, me b) show w) France
me wia m3k) Spain
mab3 toa so wo Bronze
start it all over again
Is hard to understand
but baby am on tour
i know you need a Man i will be back on 24th
From Copenhagen down to Santropey
baby am stressed but am getting payed
i dont f**k with the groupies sweety am alone
is kinda hard how i wish am coming home, derm..
Aar i wake up and all i see is you
i got your pictures on the wall always take a view
but is a lame excuse coz i can pick and choose
touring  all over the world or to be with you
but i chose to go now is you am missing
and is very cold now i would need your kisses
aar, baby please am coming back i want you to notice that..

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CHORUS (Efya) (2x)
Whatever you do
when you knee over
baby mene woaa dont you know
i will be waiting for you
you’er the only one that satisfy my love
for sure oorr oorr

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