I’m Tired of Dating Broke Men – Princess Shyngle

Ghanaian based Gambian socialite Princess Shyngle has revealed in an interview with Delay that she is now tired of taking care of herself and now wants a man who can really pay to take care of her.

Princess Shyngle in the interview revealed that men who have approached her to start a relationship tend to put their problems on her something she is now fed up with.

Speaking about her new relationship, the hourglass-shaped actress who some time ago listed some profession that her man must fall under, stated that she doesn’t mind what the man does for a living all she wants is if he would be able to cater for her needs.

“I’m tired of taking care of myself, lets just put it like that. I need someone to come and take care of me now. Whether he is rich or he’s successful all I want is for him to be a generous man because there are several rich men out there who are not generous.”

“That’s the duty of a man, you need to provide for your woman, you need to take care of your woman and you need to support her,” she said

This interview between Delay and Princess Shyngle goes to confirm that all that Efia Odo said about her was true.

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